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Water, an Essential of Life

takeya jug picture

Water, our cells live in it. Our blood and brains think it.  Our digestive systems thrive when given the quantity of water it desires.  Water helps regulate your body temperature, it contributes to metabolism regulation. Water removes toxins we have taken in through the food we eat, the air we breath and chemicals that have been in contact with our skin.  Water  replenishes electrolytes burn through exercise including the daily operations of your body. 

Today, health conscious people are aware that many water bottles are made from plastics that contain BPA (Bisphionl-A),  a toxic chemical used in the manufacturing of some plastic containers, including some of the plastic bottle we buy our bottled water in.  BPA has been found to cause cancer, diabetes, obesity and cause hormone imbalances. When choosing a container for your water, juice or tea, chose one that is either stainless steel or made from a plastic that the manufacturer says is BPA free.  After all, why would we want to pollute our selves with the very water intended to heal and cure our bodies?

One product I found to be superior for storing, carrying and serving any drink in is the  revolutionary Takeya Airtight Water Jugs.  They are BPA free and will not leak when carried from home to the car to the office.  Takeya Airtight Jugs will not leak even when laid on their side in the refrigerator or in your car. They make life easy because they are dishwasher safe, break resistant and all you have to is twist the top one quarter turn and pour. You don’t even have to remove the lid.

 The Takeya Jugs are a great way to know when you have reached your goal of 6 cups of water a day.  Just fill the Takeya Tabletop Pitcher, which holds 50 ounces, with water, tea or your favorite beverage.  When it is empty you have reached your daily requirement of water. For those of you who are very active and need 8 cups of water a day, the 66 ounce Takeya Airtight Jug is perfect for you.

The latest rage is fruit infused water.  Why pay big bucks for store bought fruit flavored water when you can easily make your own in the Takeya Fruit Infuser. Just add your choice of fruit to the water in the Takeya Fruit Infuser, twist on the  leak proof lid and shake. The strainer holds in the fruit and ice when you pour.

 If you haven’t developed the habit of drinking water during the day, now is the time to make a conscious effort for your health.  And if you already have this life saving habit, then maybe it is time to update your choice of water containers.  With the Takeya Juts you will prevent spilling in the car or office and please, no more store bought 1 gallon jugs in the gym.

One Response to Water, an Essential of Life

  1. Lu on February 2, 2011 at 10:02 pm

    BPA is a big concern for me. I am always looking for BPA Free products. I also like this jug because it will not spill.

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